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It is the insured's responsibility to disclose his criminal record when purchasing an insurance policy. However, insureds are not necessarily aware of this. Yes, when you apply for home insurance, LV= will ask you if you or anyone living with you have any unspent criminal convictions. If you don't disclose this. However, some people with convictions and related offences encounter difficulties when looking to purchase insurance or to make a claim. This guidance has been.

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You only have to declare driving convictions if asked. The insurance company will ask about the information they need to give you a policy and this will include. If you're convicted having already taken out the policy, you don't need to declare this to your insurer until you renew, unless this is a specified in your. You must also tell Allianz of any convictions and/or pending convictions that you or any driver who will drive your car has received within the last five years.

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When do I need to declare it? Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act , you only need to declare unspent convictions when purchasing insurance, even if. Do you always need to declare your criminal convictions? Generally speaking, you should always be honest with your insurer. Companies will ask you about your. Is your conviction spent? If your conviction is spent, you don't need to declare it when you apply for insurance. You can find out whether your conviction is.